A Simple Key To Losing More Fat

Fat loss seems to be a goal for just about every dieter and health and fitness enthusiast on the planet. Maybe that’s why so many “miracles” for fat loss hit the market every year. But one tried-and-true, science-backed key does exist. Eating more protein is that key.


Is Obesity Killing You Faster?

Obesity puts you at risk for a variety of life-altering or life-threatening conditions and diseases. These include cardiovascular disease, cancer, type 2 diabetes, Alzheimer’s disease, decreased cognition and a weak immune system. These are all common “side effects” of aging, too. Is obesity just accelerated or premature aging?

Meal Timing And Weight Loss

Meal timing for weight loss, fat loss and gaining muscle has long been a kind of turf war in the fitness/nutrition profession. Should you eat breakfast to lose weight? Are late night snacks bad? Each time one question seems to get answered, more pop up. One study may have actually provided a real answer. Maybe.

A Formula For Making Fat Preschoolers

Obesity – especially childhood obesity – is a hot topic in America. For many parents, it is a horrifying specter haunting their children as they grow. While many dietary plans may help them grow healthy, lean and strong, there’s one surefire way to make sure they become obese.

Ten Thousand Steps A Day And You’re Still Fat

10,000 steps a day has been the “gold standard” daily step target for people seeking weight loss for years. Everyone from the “Biggest Loser” screamers to your doctor and even your FitBit have told you to get your “10K a day” in. But lots of “10k-ers” are still fat. Maybe there’s more to this… Wouldn’t… Continue reading Ten Thousand Steps A Day And You’re Still Fat

Science Identifies the No-Brainers For Weight Loss and Maintenance

Whether you’ve tried to lose weight and failed or tried and succeeded, you probably have a pretty good idea of how to do it. One simple strategy is to do the opposite of what led you to gain the weight. DUH! The same thing goes for keeping the weight off. There are common-sense things done… Continue reading Science Identifies the No-Brainers For Weight Loss and Maintenance